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Directed by: Peter Weir
Written by: John Logan
Cinematography: John Seale
Edited by: Hughes Winborne

Main Cast

Winston Smith: Elijah Wood
Julia: Emily Blunt
O'Brien: Hugh Laurie
Big Brother: Alan Rickman

Tagline: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"

Synopsis: “Big Brother” is everywhere, everyone, and everything. You are never alone that’s why your safe, his leadership provides protection in this safe-haven that is called Oceania. Posters, Ads, Books, Movies, Documentaries, and the Internet are all controlled and regulated by “Big Brother”. Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth, where his job is to rewrite historical documents so that they match current party lines. His girlfriend Julia seems to have an anger towards “Big Brother”. Winston is lured by O'Brien a fellow co-worker to join a secret organization aimed at demeaning “Big Brother”. There it is learned O'Brien is a government agent has Winston captured without revealing himself. After being tortured Winston outs Julia’s secrets. Months later they bump into each other and begin to meet secretly and they have fallen in love again. O'Brien meets with them and asks them if they would be willing to never see each other again if “Big Brother” told them so. They both disagree and Winston has a heavy heart doing so. The next day they are arrested by the Thought police. O'Brien reveals he’s a loyal party member who brainwashes them to make them “perfect” before they are executed. He “informs” Winston that Julia caved to the Party’s pressure and they start torturing him for months. You get to see many torture methods put upon this man and the effect months has upon his body as months go by. Then he is brought into Room 101 where O'Brien has rats ready to devour his face (Winston has a particular fear of these creatures) and Winston begs his torturers to do this to Julia. They meet one last time by chance in the streets and announce to each other they no longer have feelings for each other. Winston realizes he only has feelings for “Big Brother”- the only form of love accepted in Oceania.

What the Press would say:

1984 has come and gone but that doesn't take away this film’s true genius. Peter Weir masterfully directs every shot so that you can see the tension, the passion, and the betrayal in full retro scope. John Logan writes a beautiful script that matches with some of the best of all time. The performances should never be denounced because Elijah Wood gives a raved performance as Winston Smith the protagonist of the story. His performance shows us the true gift that he posses in front of a camera. Emily Blunt comes into the framework with her performance as Julia the rebellious young woman who shows Winston who he can become. When she comes in throughout the story, she seemingly goes from rebellion to utter devotion and Blunt provides that transition for us perfectly. The most pivotal performances comes from Hugh Laurie and Alan Rickman. Hugh Laurie is in most of the film but basically plays two characters. The sympathetic, friend that is O'Brien and the psychotic, torturer that he is seen to truly be. Alan Rickman plays the ever watching “Big Brother” and he shows up every once in a while to dispel “knowledge” to the audience members and to the characters. Even though he never speaks to a character you just learn to loathe him throughout the story. When the torture begins that’s when almost everything comes together because Laurie, Wood, Rickman, Peter Weir, and John Logan excel in their own ways within this section and give us the true climatic nature seen within the film. 1984 takes that to another level and provides a story that is seemingly timeless and provides an experience for audience members everywhere. A masterpiece was created on almost every level of filmmaking from the actors to the direction there is no bad frame.


Best Picture
Best Director- Peter Weir
Best Actor- Elijah Wood
Best Actor- Hugh Laurie
Best Supporting Actress- Emily Blunt
Best Supporting Actor- Alan Rickman
Best Adapted Screenplay- John Logan

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Author(s): Evan
Location: NY

"Absolutely Normal Chaos"

Distributor: Miramax
Director: Jason Reitman
Writer: Sharon Creech
Cinematography: Roger Deakins
Score: Hans Zimmer

Main Cast

Mary Lou – Anna Sophia Robb
Carl Ray – Paul Dano
Beth Anne – Alyson Stoner
Alex – Luke Benward

Tagline: "The problem is this, though. I don’t want you to read it"

Synopsis: 13 year-old Mary Lou Finney was not at all excited about her latest summer assignment: to keep a journal over the next three months. Boring! But over dinner one night, her father tells her that her cousin, Carl Ray, is coming to stay with them for a while, to work. Carl Ray and the rest of Mary Lou’s father’s family live down in West Virginia. When Carl Ray comes, he is less than anyone in the family is expecting. He mopes around, says “yup” and “nah” and doesn’t have to do ANY of the chores. After a bunch of dull dog days Carl Ray gets a job at their neighbor Mr. Furtz’s hardware store, which means Mary Lou can have a little bit of free time. She spends some time with her gossipy, boy crazy and paranoid best friend Beth Anne, and even gets to hang out with Alex Cheevey, the cutest boy at school. But when Mr. Furtz gets sick and suddenly dies, the entire summer changes. Carl Ray even cries at the memorial service. Mary Lou becomes confused, but is soon swayed away from her family problems when Alex asks her to be his girlfriend. Mary Lou. Caught up in love, family, and the sickening relationship between 17 year-old Carl Ray and Beth Anne, Mary Lou’s summer quickly switches from being the most boring thing in history, to an exciting roller coaster ride. And her journal reflects it! As she watches the absolutely normal confusion around her, Mary Lou investigates into Carl Ray, and finds out that Mr. Furtz was actually his father, and that that was why he had come up north in the first place! Doy! It’s so obvious now…well, that’s life.

What the Press would say:

“Absolutely Normal Chaos” is a very touching, and realistic film about young teens in suburbia. Adapted for the screen by it’s Newberry Award winning author Sharon Creech, this film is by turns sarcastic, clever, tender, and funny, giving viewers a spark of light in this dark year of films. Anna Sophia Robb plays Mary Lou with perfect grace. Using body language and clever wit, the young actress gives this film life, and a sarcastic humor, as she reinvents the role for the screen. Paul Dano is also very well cast as the West Virginian cousin of Mary Lou. Using a style slightly reminiscent of his performance in “Little Miss Sunshine,” Mr. Dano gives it his all in his near silent, emotionally powerful performance. Alyson Stoner also gives a great performance as Beth Anne, Mary Lou’s boy crazed best friend, using fake attitude and phrases she probably doesn’t know, Mrs. Stoner makes this hysterical and eccentric character more three dimensional than on paper. “Chaos” is a very funny, heart wrenching film about how someone’s family will always be a part of their lives, and one summer that changed a girl.

Best Picture
Best Director – Jason Reitman
Best Actress – Anna Sophia Robb
Best Actor – Paul Dano
Best Supporting Actress – Alyson Stoner
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Tagline
Best Online Awards Campaign
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography

Alaskan Calling

Author(s): AJ
Location: TN

"Alaskan Calling"

Directed by: Anthony Minghella
Written by: Anthony Minghella

Main Cast

Jeff Daniels – Timothy Treadwell
Hope Davis – Amie Huguenard

Tagline: "In October of 2003, a man was murdered by those he loved more than life itself"

Synopsis: The beauty of Alaska is a mysterious fish. One that can only be brought in with much patience and risk of failure. The wild terrain can entrance you, but at the same time, consume you. A man who was affected by both was named Timothy Treadwell. The Grizzlies were his children. They were his family, they were his spirit. And they ultimately destroyed him.

A plane arrives in a large bay on the coast of the Alaskan terrain. Out of the passenger side door jumps a man, his name is Timothy Treadwell. He is accompanied by Amie Huguenard. After their supplies were left on the beach, the plane leaves. Timothy and Amie are now isolated with each other, the wilderness, and the grizzlies to keep them company. Over the next summer Timothy and Amie will film the bears in their natural habitat, and bond with dark beauties of danger. Everyday the fear of attack eats at Amie, while Timothy becomes increasingly distant from her. His love is devoted more to the bears than to her. She threatens to leave for good, but her threats are pointless, as she knows that could never leave Timothy.

The foxes were Timothy’s closest thing to having children. He watched over them, he protected them, he loved them. But when he found the corpse of one in the field one day, he was devastated. How could something so innocent be treated like this? It’s mangled body was hanging over him like an angel of death. He finally got a taste what vicious creatures the grizzlies could be.

On October 6th, he and Amie headed out to film. They noticed recently that all of their familiar bears had gone into hibernation. New bears moved in, and they were more aggressive than the ones from before. On an open plain, they met up with a large Grizzly. Timothy approached it, but he was unprepared, and the bear attacked him. Amie ran at the bear with a frying pan, but her efforts were futile. Timothy and his lover were the victims of slaughter, slaughter by the bears Timothy devoted his life to, and in the end, this was how he was repaid.

What the Press would say:

Alaskan Calling is a great picture about a man who is betrayed by those he holds dear. Jeff Daniels captures the essence of Timothy Treadwell better than any could possibly do. His heartbreak in emotional scenes is truly tear inducing. Hope Davis scores as his ignored lover, and really shines when she feels his love for the bears overpowers his love for her, and she is correct in doing so. The writing is sharp, the scenery breathtaking, and the directing powerful. Jeff Daniels deserves Oscar acclaim for his performance, as does Hope Davis. The story was the subject of a 2004 documentary by Werner Herzog, but the story put into a storytelling style really captivates. This is the most heartbreaking, beautiful, and powerful film of the year, and it should not be missed.


Batman: Doomsayer

Author(s): Tony
Location: Pittsburgh

"Batman: Doomsayer"

Directed by Takashi Miike and Robert Rodriguez
Written by Timothy Sexton
Produced by Andrew Macdonald
Music by David Julyan

Main Cast

Benicio Del Toro as Black Mask/Roman Sionis
Billy Crudup as Batman/Bruce Wayne
William Mapother as Cornelius Stirk
Ian Mckellen as Alfred Pennywood
William H. Macy as Commissioner Jim Gordon
Laurence Fishburne as Lucious Fox
Madeline Stowe as Silver St. Cloud

Tagline: "The break of defeat calls for the most desperate times"

Synopsis: Bloodied and battered was Black Mask, crawling to what looked like the end of his evil existence. Mask escaped the wrath of Batman, the merciless beating he took from the Bat only led to the demise of the death of his partner, Two-Face. Mask finds himself in the darkest pit of Gotham where he is approached by a familiar face, Circe, the love of his life. When he wakes up he's not greeted by Circe, but by delusional serial killer, Cornelius Stirk.

Cornelius Stirk has the psychic ability to make people see him as whoever he wants but often looks like a normal man. He thrives on the fear from his victims which allows him to live caused by the body chemical and hormonal response, norepinephrine. How he endures this hormone is by eating the hearts of his victims. He abducts them, mostly small time crooks that aren't missed to keep a low profile after escaping Arkham Asylum years ago. He creates trusted figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Jesus to get close to them before he transforms into a face of evil, his natural face, torturing them until they die of terror. Stirk was an admirer of Black Mask, but Roman attacked Stirk after the thought that his Circe came back to him. Stirk then turned into Bruce Wayne, the man that took everything from Sionis.

Stirk thrived on Mask's blackened hatred towards Batman. Sionis was willing to give up everything for Stirk to help him rid of the Bat once and for all. Not only did Mask want to kill him, but turn everything against him. Stirk accepted, but under his own conditions. Meanwhile, the Riddler now rests in Arkham Asylum as Bruce's butler Alfred returns with full health. Months go by and rumors are speculating that Black Mask will make his return to crime with the False Face Society. Bruce prepares for Mask but is distracted by the sights of Silver St. Cloud on the streets, restaurants, and parades. In order to hurt Batman, Mask sacrafices his own gang at the hands of Stirk. Cornelius would strike fear in the gang one by one as Batman in order to frame him, torturing them and eating the fear from their hearts, posing as the Bat in front of the likes of Commissioner Gordon.

Batman loses the trust from the citizens of Gotham. An evil Batman lures in the shadows as Bruce must find him and return as Gothams savior. Black Mask knows that Stirk's actions are no longer in his control. To seek answers, Bruce must confront his old friend Roman to put a stop to it. Stirk was taking over the business and crime aspect of Gotham as he continued to play mindgames with Bruce, taunting him as Silver. Together, Batman and Black Mask battle Cornelius until he is finally brought down near death, until he takes shape of Bruces fear, himself as a child on that dark night. He must overcome the fear and kill the boy that pleads in front of him, he does so and falls to his knees. It was enough time for Black Mask to inch behind him and raise his axe up high for Batman to meet his doom.....

What the Press would say:

No one can deny that the new Batman series is the most intriguing and vividly horrific old school tribute to the old comic books, "Doomsayer" is no exception. With Doomsayer we get an extra treat, two directors with a great contrast of styles teaming up for a perfect combination of harrowing violence with conceptually disturbing images along and intense, charismatic action sequences. Returning is the writer of the first two, Tim Sexton, who once again challenges himself with the most complex script of the series. It's the story of the fallen and reborn Black Mask in his last attempt to vanish Batman. The film virtually consists of returning actor Benicio Del Toro as the lead as we get a different perspective of the super hero flicks. Here we are introduced to the villains lifestyle and how he must confront his own problems while dealing with our dark knight. Del Toro gives a masterful performance as a man driven to the end of the remaining sanity he had left avenge his lifes work by eliminating Batman. In order to do it, he must seek help from an unusual serial killer Cornelius Stirk, played by Lost's William Mapother. Mapother gives a nigh-flawless, frightening performance in the supporting role. Whether it's his slow, menacing voice, constant snarls, or demonic like glares, it's the most haunting portrayal of a comic book villain we've ever seen. Miike thrives on Stirk scenes as they are done in his thoughtfully constructed, realist outlook on violence. Lastly, Billy Crudup returns as Batman only this time in the supporting role. Crudup brings all emotions to the table. There is always one scene that will dazzle you as far as the emotionally traumatizing event in our heroes life, the scene is when Bruce stares down at himself the night his parents were murdered in front of him. He must destroy it with Stirk on his final breath, one of the most tearful scenes in any super hero film, bar none.

As the series gets deeper more boundaries are crossed. This newly found Batman series doesn't follow your basic guidelines, it's not aimed for young demographics or people who want a realistic look at Batman stories. It shows the risk and purity that came from the comic book that produced demonic villains such as Cornelius Stirk and Black Mask. A story that truly tackles the emotional aspect of Batmans circumstances and the horror he faces. As entertaining as an adult super hero film will ever get with an ending that'll stick with you for years, unless they make a fourth.


Best Picture
Best Actor - Benicio Del Toro
Best Supporting Actor - Billy Crudup
Best Supporting Actor - William Mapother
Best Original Screenplay - Timothy Sexton
Best Art Direction
Best Makeup
Best Score
BEst Sound Mixing

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Author(s): Adam
Location: TX

"The Beauty Queen of Leenane"

Written & Directed by MARTIN MCDONAGH
Based on the play by Martin McDonagh

Main Cast

EMILY WATSON as Maureen Folan
JAMES NESBITT as Pato Dooley

Tagline: "Love can hide our demons. Desperation can reveal our true nature"

Synopsis: Maureen is forty years old. She lives in a small cottage in Leenane, Ireland with her manipulative and selfish seventy year-old mother Mag. Life can be considered depressing for Ms. Folan, as all her sisters have gone to a life of marriage and family. Maureen finds misery in her day to day life, which consists of attending to her demanding mother's needs, dealing with a history of mental illness, and frequent visits from Ray Dooley, a family friend who obnoxiously attempts to carry the personality of a bad boy, but shows no threat what so ever. It is also known by Mag that Maureen once shared a romantic chemistry with Pato, Ray's lonely working class brother who now lives in England, a chemistry she did not approve of and never will.

Upon Pato's return from England, the once glowing chemistry between he and Maureen begins to rekindle. Maureen sees this as her chance to fall in love and escape her entrapment known as life with her mother. The more time they spend together, the more they realize their feelings towards each other. It is during this period that Maureen learns of Pato's numerous unanswered letters to her and the fact that she never recieved them because they were all destroyed by Mag.

A series of uprisng and downfall in romance occurs for Maureen. After a fight with Pato and his return to England, she finds herself in the same place she was before. But hope begins to show when he sends her a letter confessing his growing love for her, and that he desires for her to join him in going to Boston, where he has accepted a new job. Time and trust become factors after Mag gets a hold of the letter and destroys it, resulting in the revalation of Maureen's nature at the hands of her illness. One that included years of physical abuse towards her mother. Maureen now finds herself determined to reach Pato and simply confess her feelings and escape Leenane, but she may learn that her own personal demons could hold her back, not just her mother.

What the Press would say:

"It can easily be said that Martin McDonagh has a knack for writing a great story. His feature film debut, In Bruges, introduced him to the world of film. A successful introduction for the renowned playwright. "Leenane" is a wonderful stage to screen adaptation of his own play. The setting is captured uniquely and superbly. The scenes in the dimly lit kitchen (where most of the play took place) are meant to give a feeling of personal entrapment and at times, clautrophobia, but are shot with such spectacular skill, only McDonagh himself could have perfected them the way he did. Yes, some scenes may make you feel uncomfortable in their sense of staying in room for minutes at a time, but the camera moves wonderfully with techniques ranging from tracking shots to ship shape editing. Its a balance that allows you to understand the intended vibe, yet also breaks away from making the viewer feel uncomfortable to the point that the film becomes unenjoyable. McDonagh also takes advantage of the free range in transfering a story from stage to screen, breaking away from the one room where the play is set, and placing more detail into events that are only spoken of on stage. He converts what you were only able to picture in your mind, and vibrantly gives you the picture of Leenane, Ireland you could only imagine in your mind."

"With a solid script comes solid performances from its four main stars. Emily Watson is the perfectly casted Maureen Folan. Her look, her skill, her character's personality. From the moment we are introduced to the frail and dynamic character of Maureen, we feel a sense of sheer brilliance in the job that Mrs. Watson puts forth. The effort and succesful job put forth by Brenda Fricker creates such a splendid chemistry between both actresses that you never feel a sense of acting, yet a natural flow of words between two human figures in many different scenarios. Mr. Nesbitt may have found his calling for an Oscar in his portrayal of the lonely and humble, yet charming and modestly confident Pato. With the dramatic sense and the dark themes/humor of the film, also comes its comic relief in the form of Mr. Farrell as Ray. The absolute entertainment provided by his [Mr. Farrell's] performance as the unthreatening bad boy wannabe Ray, is one that fits liekt he perfect connection betwen two puzzle pieces, it completes the connection of actor and character. The acting showcase of this film is simply appearing as if it is bound to become a pool of nomination (and a hopeful win or two) for its splendid cast of actors."

BEST PICTURE (Comedy/Musical)
BEST DIRECTOR- Martin McDonagh
BEST ACTRESS- Emily Watson
BEST ACTOR- James Nesbitt
BEST ORIGINAL SONG- "She Says Goodbye" performed by Glen Hansard & Dolores O'Riordan

Boys Will Be Boys

Author(s): Hugo Manso
Location: Spain

"Boys Will Be Boys"

Directed by Catherine Hardwick
Written by Isabel Coixet

Main Cast

Romola Garai ... Kate
Topher Grace ... Tim
Jensen Ackles ... Lance
David Annable ... Josh

Tagline: "N/A"

Synopsis: Kate woke up suddenly. She couldn’t sleep two hours in a row. She couldn’t stop thinking about how would she tell Tim everything. They were together for six years. The next morning Kate was driving towards Tim’s house. It wasn’t easy. Words didn’t want to go out at first, but once she started, she told him everything in one go. She broke up with him.

Lance wouldn’t be who he was if it weren’t for her friends: Tim, Kate and Josh. They had always been together. Lance was single. He had had a girlfriend a couple years ago but things didn’t turn out well. He decided to not fall in love again.

Lance was working when the phone rang. It was Josh. It seemed that Kate and Tim had broken up. It wasn’t a surprise, the truth was that Lance had been noticing something strange recently. Lance and Josh decided to make a deal, Josh would spend more time with Tim and so would Lance do with Kate. This way none of them would be outcast.

Kate and Lance soon started to get on together really well. There was such a feeling between them. Things were really easy. They could talk comfortably about everything. It was great. Little by little they fell in love with each other.

Tim and Josh were friends since they were like three years old. After the break up they spent many time together. One day, when they were at Josh’s home, Kate and Lance visited. Kate and Lance were going out together. Tim didn’t make a big deal of it. He seemed fine.

Months went on and the couple decided to marry. The day had arrived, the stunning bride, the perfect church, the beautiful bridesmaids, the proud best man, the deeply moved parents, a trigger being pulled by a friend and the graceful groom dead.

What the Press would say:

The film ends when we hear the shotgun. The screen goes black, and the credits start to roll. The film itself it’s the beautiful love story between Kate and Lance. You just can’t expect the ending. The church filled of people, all happiness, and then ¡BAM! Cool water moment. Your heart will jump.

Spanish director and writer Isabel Coixet had done an amazing job with this masterpiece. The script it’s just sensational. The dialogue along with the acting will make you feel that you’re actually seen them through the window. Catherine Hardwick had done, as well, an incredible job directing this movie. Everything is tied up. She has made an estraordinary job direting the cast. The cast... the cast is one of the most effective esembles seen recently. Romola Garai stars as Kate, a confused woman who decides to put an end on her relationship and will find the love of her life where she couldn’t have imagined. Topher Grace stars as Tim, Kate’s boyfriend who will be suddenly left by his girl. Throughout the film we can see Tim dealing with the situation fine, with integrity and dignity. That’s why the end is that shocking. Jensen Ackle and David Annable complete the cast. Jensen Ackles stars as Lance the friend who will soon become something more. David Annable as Josh, everyone’s friend. Funny, smart and sweet. This four characters will drive you through one of the best film of the year.

For Your Consideration

Best Picture
Best Director – Catherine Hardwick
Best Original Screenplay – Isabel Coixet
Best Actress – Romola Garai
Best Actor – Topher Grace
Best Supporting Actor – Jensen Ackles
Best Original Song – “Boys Will Be Boys”

Broken Pieces

Author(s): Chris Perkins
Location: IL

"Broken Pieces"

Written & Directed by Robert Benton
Produced by Jeff Sharp
Music by Gustavo Santaolalla
Edited by Anne V. Coates
Cinematography by Enrique Chediak

Main Cast

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Edward Jones
Dominique Swain as Maddie Snow
Madeline O' Brian as Delilah
Wentworth Miller as Brian
Philip Bosco as Emerald

Tagline: "When love is lost, it's always hard to gather back the pieces"

Synopsis: Edward Jones (Levitt) and Maddie Snow (Swain) have been together for over five years. The moment they met they knew it was an instant attraction. He was a recent graduating student from Michigan State University working as an intern at the hospital his grandfather, Emerald (Bosco), was employed at and she was a struggling stage actress trying to make a name for herself. During their first year as a couple, Maddie conceives a child, Delilah (O' Brien), to the dismay of both lovers’ families. From then on, the couple ends up raising their daughter in a cozy and spacious home. Now, things have been getting worse for the family. Edward has just been diagnosed with asperger syndrome, an autistic disorder that causes one to find difficulty in interacting socially with others, and it is causing lots of confusion and loneliness in his heart and household. In addition, his disorder is also hurting his relationship with Maddie who is unable to fully understand her boyfriend’s behavior but tries to be there for him no matter what. But soon she begins an affair with a former acting associate, Brian (Miller), who is back in town to visit his sister and her family. When Maddie is with Brian she feels comforted and loved. She starts to become conflicted between staying with Edward because of his disorder and for the sake of their daughter or leaving him for a new man. "Broken Pieces" is the tragic story of what happens when life over takes love and when difficult decisions have to be made.

What the Press would say:

"Broken Pieces", the outstanding new film by Robert Benton ("Kramer Vs. Kramer"), is an amazing and riveting triumph. It tells the story of a young couple whose lives and affection are torn apart after one of them is diagnosed with asperger, an autistic disorder that causes difficulty in someones social interactions.

Indie favorite Joseph Gordon Levitt delivers a subtle yet powerfully emotional performance as Edward Jones, a young father who is diagnosed with this disorder and starts to build much grief in his spirit as his world becomes empty and isolated. Levitt's performance is commendable of being compared to a young Marlon Brando. He creates this character with such mesmerizing force and raw bravado. It's truly an unforgettable award worthy showcase. Also great in this film is Dominique Swain as Maddie Snow, a young woman who is caught between two conflicted decisions. Swain shows a lot of range in such an impressive way. Her character's loyalty to her boyfriend is tested by her need for admiration and consoling. Swain gives her character an incredible amount of complexity. She shows the real pain this young woman has to go through while watching her boyfriend suffer.

The directing and writing by Academy Award®-winner Robert Benton make the story feel really authentic and uncompromising. There is never a dull or melodramatic element to this profound film. It’s message about love and life is clear but it never feels as if the film is hitting you against the head with its meaning. All of the characters in this story feel existent and genuine as well.

Overall "Broken Pieces" is one of the best films of the year. From its astounding performances to the fantastic writing and directing. This film is one that should not to be missed.

Awards Consideration
Best Picture
Best Director - Robert Benton
Best Actor - Joseph Gordon Levitt
Best Supporting Actress - Dominique Swain
Best Original Screenplay

Broken Triangles

Author(s): AJ
Location: TN

"Broken Triangles"

Written and Directed by Wes Anderson

Main Cast

Gabrielle Ferguson…….Michael Cera
Jeremiah Stark…….Jamie Bell
Stacy Carlyle……...Emma Stone
Patrick……..Thomas Haden Church
Narrator……….Jason Schwartzman

Tagline: "This is Gabrielle Ferguson. He is an intelligent young man, eager to find his place in the world. And in 9 days, he will be dead"

Synopsis: This is the story, of a man named Gabrielle Ferguson. He is 18 years old, had a 4.0 grade point average, and is a self-proclaimed author whose most accomplished work was in the 4th grade with a short story about the Nativity as told from the view point of a llama. And in 9 days, he will be dead.

In his life there are three things. Literature, tobacco, and his best friend, Jeremiah Stark. Jeremiah is a marijuana selling high school drop out whose most acclaimed effort in life has been his one employee of the month photograph from November at the Wendy's on 1st avenue. While sitting in his room one day, typing away about Australian bounty hunters, his mother informs him that his old babysitter, Stacy Carlyle, has come home from college. She encourages him to go over and talk to her, so he does. He never really liked her that much, since she was always blaming him for everything she did. When he actually saw her for the first time in 8 years, he is stunned by her beauty. The way she presents herself with such confidence. That same confidence could be misunderstood as "bitchy-ness" but he wouldn't want to think of her like that. He immediately becomes infatuated with her. His fantasies often carrying him into most afternoons. But she has already found a man. A mister, Jeremiah Stark. There relationship was working perfectly, and sure, Gabrielle may have gotten a bit suspicious a few times, but they mainly kept it a secret. Jeremiah never asked why they had to be secretive, but he respected her wishes. Little did he know that it was because of a certain, stalker ex-boyfriend that they had to be in the shadows. Gabrielle soon discovers their relationship while lurking behind them one night at a parking garage. Outraged he leaves, but he is soon mugged in an alley. Jeremiah leaves the garage to aid one of his friends in a drug deal with a Brit named the Boogie Man. And as soon as Jeremiah leaves, Stacy's ex-boyfriend Patrick shows up to meet Stacy in the parking garage. But his presence is unwanted. Unable to take abuse any longer, Gabrielle takes out a pocketknife and stabs the mugger in the throat. Jeremiah's drug deal flies off the handle when the Boogie Man's pistol falls out of his robe and went off, causing a chain reaction of events that left Jeremiah covered in blood, running for his life. And Stacy tries to make a run for it, but Patrick is too quick. He slams her face into the car door window. With the window broken she is able to access the glove compartment. Inside is a pistol, with which she shoots Patrick in the clavicle (which is a collar bone). Once each of them reaches home, the go into the bathroom and look at their blood splattered faces. Within that moment, each of them is inside of their mind, hopelessly and utterly, alone.

The next day, Gabrielle watched intently out his window, as nothing could entertain him on the television. He saw Stacy next door, arguing with a man. The man pulled out a gun, and Gabrielle lost it. He ran to the tool shed and searched for something dangerous. Jeremiah would get what was coming to him for pulling a gun on Stacy. He found a shovel and ran outside. He noticed that they had moved from her backyard to the woods behind their houses. He ran out and charged at jeremiah. But it was too late when he saw that it was not Jeremiah, but Patrick. Patrick's reflexes were too fast for their own good. A bullet soon ripped through Gabrielle's heart. He was dead.

On a deserted highway outside of town, Jeremiah walks alone, fleeing the troubles that came with that horrible drug deal. He sees headlights in the distance so he sticks out his thumb for a ride. To his surprise the car slows down. He gets in and begins to warm his hands at the radiator. On the dashboard he notices something odd. A photograph of himself that he gave Stacy. he does not recognize the man behind the wheel. "Hey there Jeremiah. You better buckle up. My name is Patrick, and i'll be your tour guide for this wild and crazy night." The doors lock and the car drives off into the night.

What the Press would say:

The new dark comedy from Wes Anderson could be his most mature effort yet. Steering clear of his normal, dysfunctional family shtick, he has us all leaving the theaters pondering all of the philosophy in his latest masterpiece, Broken Triangles. The performances in it are magnificent. Michael Cera is brilliant as wannabe author Gabrielle. His normal sweet innocent boy charm works well here, added with Wes Anderson's depressive outlook on the world. Best Actor is a surefire possibility for young Cera. Emma Stone delivers a knockout as the chain smoking, cursing, and drug using ex-babysitter. Jamie Bell has a great Supporting Actor shot as the loser in love best friend, whose subtle stoner is hidden by a sex crazed trash talker. Thomas Haden Church shines in his pivotal scene at the climax, but such little screen time doesn't help his Oscar chances. With Broken Triangles, Anderson may have the oscar chances that have been denied him in the past. His style is not usual fair for the awards recognition, but this goes outside his normal cliches(i.e. death by irony sort of thing). he adds a new dramatic element along with bravely executed segments of anguish. Although Wes Anderson's direction and writing have mainly been ignored in the past, with Broken Triangles, Anderson plays Michelangelo in the painting of the Sistine Chapel.

Awards possibilities

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor – Michael Cera
Best Supporting Actor – Jamie Bell
Best Supporting Actor – Thomas Haden Church
Best Supporting Actress – Emma Stone
Best Original Screenplay


Author(s): Michael / D.W. Dillon
Location: Oklahoma / Nevada


Directed by Phyllida Lloyd
Written by Rob Bettinson and Phyllida Lloyd
Adapted from the musical, "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story"
Music by Paul McCartney and Sonny Curtis
Produced by Paul McCartney and Mark Huffam

Main Cast

Garrett Dillahunt as Buddy Holly
Dallas Roberts as Tommy Allsup
Jill Hennessey as Maria Elena Holly
Adam Beach as Ritchie Valens
Steven Harwell as J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson
Tyler Hilton as Waylon Jennings
Curtis Holbrook as Carl Bunch
Aaron Ashmore as pilot, Roger Peterson
Gary Busey as road manager, Rod Lucier
Christian Hoff as Dion Dimucci

Tagline: "He was a musician. He was a pioneer. He was Rock 'n' Roll"

Synopsis: Winter Dance Party Tour, 1959. Four headlining rock 'n' roll acts packed into a rickety bus that would start in Chicago and make its way through the vast mid-west landscape, bringing rock 'n' roll to all the farmer's daughters and idolizing sons, such as youngster Bob Dylan. They came to see rock stars like Italian doo-wop sensation, Dion Dimucci (Christian Hoff), whose hits "Teenager in Love" and "I Wonder Why" geared their inhibitions. Followed by the loveable teddy bear of a disc-jockey turned rocker, J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson (Steven Harwell) whose campy hit "Chantilly Lace" satisfied their rebellious mood. Chicano rock star Ritchie Valens (Adam Beach) brought 'em all to their feet as he would soar into the hard-strummed "La Bamba" and cascade into the swooning hit, "Donna". Valens' drummer hid in the background, barely noticeable in his dark horn-rimmed sunglasses. This tall and lanky beat-keeper was only filling in for the tour drummer Carl Bunch (Curtis Holbrook), who early on, suffered frost-bite of the feet because of the broken heater in the tour bus. As soon as Valens strummed his final chord, the mysterious drummer would make his way to the front of the stage. Gone were the sunglasses, donned now in his trademark nerdy-frames and sunburst Fender Stratocaster guitar, Buddy Holly (Garrett Dillahunt) let the music fly. Already a music legend to his peers, the overly mature Buddy began a medley of his hits without hesitation, break, or missed-note. His hiccupy accentuations of his lyrically driven songs, accompanied with his ferocious rhythm guitar-playing technique that influenced generations, was in all it's glory. The thrumping sounds of "Peggy Sue" to the roaring "Oh, Boy!” to the ballad "True Love Waits" that he would play every night for his wife Maria Elena (Jill Hennessey), as he would leave the stage telephone off the hook just so she could hear his serenade. He left no song uncovered from "That'll Be the Day" and "Everyday" to "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" and "Maybe Baby". Rock 'n' Roll filled the ballrooms with a raucous thunder of energy and joy. The off-stage tour on the other hand was a different story.

Enamored by Buddy's musical knowledge, Dion Dimucci eagerly grabbed a spot on the tour for the chance of spending time with someone like Buddy. Often sneaking off for a fix, his light-hearted drug habit seemed harmless. Both former street gang members, the Dion and Buddy formed a close brotherly bond, while J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson showed Buddy's talented but nerve-filled bass player, Waylon Jennings (Tyler Hilton) the ropes of a hard-drinking party animal. Hoping to relieve Waylon of his on-stage jitters. Ritchie Valens on the other hand, was taken under the wing of Buddy, who was itching to produce his next album. The two big names sat in the middle of the frozen-dingy bus, strumming their guitars, playing everything from Mexican standards to rockabilly faves. Then there was Tommy Allsup (Dallas Roberts), session guitarist and Buddy's closest friend on the tour. He road on Buddy's star with admiration and loyalty only to succumb to alcohol abuse years later, due to an unforgettable tragedy that would plague his conscience. A tragedy that would lead future country star Waylon Jennings to the grave via the bottle and Dion to a serious and hard fought battle with heroin.

As Road Manager, Rod Lucier (Gary Busey) furiously tried to cancel up-coming shows due to the horrid traveling conditions the bus provided, alongside the non-stop snow flurries that lay ahead, Buddy was chartering a plane. Missing his bride, and wanting a warm place to sleep, he gathered up his band. Waylon gladly gave up his spot on the plane to his good friend, the Big Bopper, who had come down with a case of the flu, while Tommy flipped a coin with Ritchie who too was under the weather. Buddy, always the risk-taker would fly through hell if it meant getting into heaven, while Ritchie possessed a frightful obsession. Just minutes after take off, beyond recognition, the pilot (Aaron Ashmore) and three rock stars lay dead in a Iowa cornfield on February 3rd, 1959 on a day that would silence music.

"And I just want to say that when I was sixteen years old, I went to see Buddy Holly play at Duluth National Guard Armory and I was three feet away from him...and he LOOKED at me. And I just have some sort of feeling that he was---I don't know how or why---but I know he was with us all the time we were making this record in some kind of way." - Bob Dylan (Grammy acceptance speech for Album of the Year, 1998's "Time Out of Mind")

What the Press would say:

Filled with the music of Buddy and the fellow artists portrayed magnificently in the film, the short-lived Broadway jukebox musical Buddy, has finally made the jump to the big screen, and couldn't be better. Based on the life of rock and roll legend Buddy Holly, the magical film, directed wonderfully by Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia!), who along with co-writer and director of the musical, Rob Bettinson comprises a script that smoothly transitions to the musical numbers so effortlessly. The script is told from the point of view of one of Holly’s closest friends, Tommy Allsup and makes the film and the script so original in its delivery. The acting is superb all around and Garrett Dillahunt is brilliant as the man with the glasses. He gives a glorious performance and Buddy and is proves he has what it takes to be the next big star. Dallas Roberts is phenomenal as guitarist Tommy Allsup and he hit the nail on the head in every scene he appeared in. His melancholic narrations are perfect and help the story transition so well, it is sure to give you chills. Christian Hoff also gives a tremendous performance as Dion and draws all of the attention to him and is a master at his craft. Yet another great performance comes from Gary Busey who has previously played Holly, this time as his road manager, Busey lights up the screen in his short notable performance. Besides Dillahunt however, the real performance to talk about is Miss Jill Hennessey as the wife of Buddy, Maria Elena. She is so perfect for the role and has amazing amounts of chemistry with Dillahunt and holds her own in such a luxurious ensemble.

From the costumes to the directing, this film is one of the best of all time and will definitely last longer than the musical it originated from. The performances are astounding, the screenplay is enchanting, and the direction is terrific. This motion picture is such a fitting tribute to the late star that will and should be remembered for decades to come.

Best Picture - Paul McCartney and Mark Huffam
Best Director - Phyllida Lloyd
Best Actor - Garrett Dillahunt
Best Supporting Actor - Dallas Roberts
Best Supporting Actor - Christian Hoff
Best Supporting Actor - Gary Busey
Best Supporting Actress - Jill Hennessey
Best Adapted Screenplay - Rob Bettinson and Phyllida Lloyd
Best Cinematography - Dariusz Wolski
Best Editing - Lesley Walker
Best Sound Editing - Steve Browell
Best Score - Paul McCartney and Sonny Curtis

By the End of Time

Author(s): Ryne
Location: OR

"By the End of Time"

Directed by Woody Allen
Written by Woody Allen

Main Cast

Scarlett Johansson as Michelle Singer
Ethan Hawke as Les McClure
Gabrielle Union as Marie Robbins
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Allan Davis
Bob Hoskins as Mr. Huntington

Tagline: "Love Lives Forever No Matter the Distance"

Synopsis: Michelle Singer (Johansson) is the reigning employee of the year at Huntington Investment, one of the top trading companies in New York. She has always been the "do-everything" worker that Mr. Huntington (Hoskins) loves. Unfortunately, Michelle's routine was thrown off with the unexpected death of her father. Despite her best friend's, Marie Robbins (Union), pleas to take time off work, Michelle returns to work. She cannot seem to focus and her work reflects it. Mr. Huntington offers her a grievance leave and a trip for two to Kenya to go on a safari. Michelle decides to take Marie. The dynamic two, who refer to themselves as M&M, travel to Kenya to go on their safari journey. Michelle's group consists of herself, Marie, and friends Les McClure (Hawke) and Allan Davis (Hoffman), both bar chefs from Miami. Les quickly catches Michelle's eye and the two immediately form a deep connection that has Marie envious. Michelle and Les spend most of their free time together leaving Marie and Allan in the dust. Allan is excited for his friend to finally find love, but Marie feels her best friend has forgot her. While walking through a Kenyan village one day, Les reveals to Michelle that he dreams of opening a restaurant in New York with Allen. As the week long journey comes to a close, Michelle and Marie share an emotional conversation where they discuss their friendship and Michelle's feelings for Les. Before the two groups of friends leave for home, Les tells Michelle he has never met anyone as special as her. The two return to their daily life hoping that one day their paths may cross again.

What the Press would say:

Woody Allen's "By the End of Time" is an emotional and sincere love story that captivates the audience from start to finish. Allen's direction is one of the main reasons the film is a success. He brilliantly uses the African landscape to its full potential. The cinematography is simply gorgeous. Allen does not make it a sappy chick flick or a simple tale with no heart. It is the perfect balance of romance and heart. Scarlett Johansson is a revelation as Michelle Singer. She shows an array of emotion that portrays Michelle with precision. It is probably Johansson's best performance to date and definitely one of the best of the year. Ethan Hawke does a fantastic job as Michelle's love interest, Les. Hawke does nothing amazing or spectacular, but he is very good across the board. Les has always been in the dating scene, but has never found the right someone and Hawke portrays that magnificently. In the supporting roles, Gabrielle Union shows that she does indeed have some acting ability. Is it a great performance? No, but it is her best role to date. Union has been waiting for a breakout role and this very much could be it. Philip Seymour Hoffman is excellent as Allan Davis. He gives a performance that is truly supporting. Hoffman's character is there to expand on Ethan Hawke's performance and Hoffman steps up to the plate. It is honestly the best supporting role of the year and I feel he should be rewarded for it. Overall, "By the End of Time" is an engrossing tale of true love and how a chance encounter can affect a live time.


Best Picture (M/C)
Best Director (Woody Allen)
Best Actress (Scarlett Johansson)
Best Actor (Ethan Hawke)
Best Supporting Actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman)
Best Original Screenplay

A Call for Blood

Author(s): Tony
Location: Pittsburgh

"A Call for Blood"

Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Written by Guillermo Arriaga
Produced by Edward Zwick
Music by Dave Grusin
Editing by Stephen Mirrione

Main Cast

Josh Brolin as Matthew Temple
Shareeka Epps as Tawana Brawley
Samuel L. Jackson as Ralph King
Keir O'Donnell as James Arnold
Beverly Todd as Glenda Brawley
David Morse as Steven Pagones
Avery Brooks as C. Vernon Mason
Anthony Mackie as Todd Buxton

Tagline: "All angles lead to darkness"

Synopsis: 1987 - Wappingers Falls, New York

A fifteen year old girl enjoys herself at a house party a few blocks away from her home. The night is late so she grabs her coat and begins her walk home, the rain begins to pour. Two minutes later a car approaches the girl asking if she needed a ride, they are blatently drunk. The car consists of three white men, one claiming to be a police officer. The girl declines and the driver gets out of the car to approach her. He forces her into the car as the other two men bind her and take her to an abandoned shack outside the city. Here she is gang-raped and defiled. She is held there for four days until she was found in a garbage bag in the city with racial slurs and epithets written on her body, smeared with dog feces, and her clothes burned. Her name was Tawana Brawley, a teen with late-night escapades.

Detective Matthew Temple is summoned to interview Tawana after the incident. Brawley is accompanied by her mother, Glenda, and stepfather Ralph King. King's history was notified after being prisoned for stabbing his ex-wife 14 times. Tawana gives a description of the young police officer that results to rookie cop James Arnold being investigated. She's unresponsive during the interview with shrugs of the shoulder and nods to the head. Temple becomes suspicious and a case is built. A media circus begins and Temple is the face of evil in the publics eye. A frightened Arnold pleads for Temple to clear his name even if it means risking his own. Civil right activist C. Vernon Mason speaks for Tawana and the people. Matthew digs deeper in the case and a sexual assault kit comes back negative. Doors open as Temple now has a cold blooded killer in King breathing down his neck. James Arnold's badge is stripped and loses face with his friends and family, he later would get beaten by King outside a bar. Meanwhile, Tawana hides from the public with her boyfriend, Todd, who owes drug money which endangers both their lives. The case folded in Masons hands once a witness stated that Glenda Brawley was spotted at the apartment complex where Tawana was found. Temple's evidence indicates the items necessary to create Tawanas incident were found, and the dog feces came from the neighbors dog.

A new hate issue is unleashed with Tawana still the victim. Tawana is on the receiving end of the media that results to death threats and her mother beating her in public. Glenda would later be found to be an abusive mother and perhaps the mastermind behind the plan. Believers like Mason still supported to the Brawley family, claiming the case was a cover-up and the prosecutor Steven Pagones was a racist and rapist. They'd accuse him of being involved with the Brawley raping. The year long case affected the lives of many, as well as the 15 year old girl that was the center of it.

What the Press would say:

"A Call for Blood", the name itself sets the tone for this years powerhouse. Steven Soderbergh's new richly, entertaining epic tackles the true story of an unthinkable act turned into a vicious and profound road to the truth through the streets and media. Its documentary-like style and unusual structure demonstrates Soderbergh's exceptional versatility in every bone shattering scene. The directing speaks in tones and every character is under immense pressure and fear. Our story centers around two characters, detective Matthew Temple and Tawana Brawley. We experience their involvement with the street and media aspect of the year long case with characters that intertwine between the two central pieces. The gritty first ten minutes will leave you speechless as it reenacts the brutal situation the case is based on. Although difficult to watch, it's a needed opener that leaves us open minded for the rest of the film and the suffering process our characters are about to endure.

Josh Brolin is our leading actor in a role that's challenging and should ultimately be rewarded. The character of Matthew Temple requires a gutsy, straight forward, and overpowering performance. Some might call it ruthless, being the one man that fought against a convinced public on a disturbing rape charge that put his name and life in danger. Although his actions aren't noble, Brolin desperately seeks answers through a world of killers, drug dealers, and activists. Young Shareeka Epps dazzled us with an understated performance in "Half Nelson", now Epps reaches a new level and becomes the bulk of this piece. If the first ten minutes aren't enough to impress you on the drive and torment it took for this role, the rest of the film speaks in volumes. A young teen that makes her earnings from late night shoplifting. A fondness for her gang affiliated boyfriend and an unfortunate home life with a drunk and abusive stepfather. Epps shows a diverse look on a sympathetic rape victim, turned into a victim of the New York media before and after her ruling. Her inner pain cries out the innocence in this character that we can't help but to feel sorry for her sometimes. Not only the best performance of the year, but perhaps in decades.

In a supporting role we have the always lively Samuel L. Jackson, but as shown before SLJ can bring an evil and subtle performance to his role. Jackson plays the furocious, drunken stepfather that fiddles with the emotions and lives of the people around him. You can feel the tension on screen when Samuel embraces our two leads and the horror they may face. Keir O'Donnell is the victim shown on the other side of the spectrum as a rookie cop accused of being involved with the raping. Shivers and strained nerves cloud this role along with O'Donnells uncanny fear of the unknown, a cop sworn to protect the innocent that gets raped from his dignity and humanity. And finally, we have Beverly Todd whom begins with the tearful aspect of a mother going through her daughters horrific ordeal. As the film progresses, Todd reveals more to her character as a selfish and wrongful mother. She does her job well and that is leaving uncomfortable vibes about this mother we desperately want to care about, but may not be so sure about her.

Rape is a discomfited issue that's hard to judge by in matters like these. The act itself is a brutal reality to what occurs in our society. We can't blame the public for being outraged about the incident they thought occured. Through the madness led to racism, politics, and media distortion. The film still opens many inconsistencies to the truth. We don't know why Tawana Brawley staged a rape. Whether it would be the late night beatings from her mother or father, her attempt to bail her unsettling boyfriend from a bullet, whether it was with her mothers complicity. "A Call for Blood" faces the dangers that result when people form opinions based on personal bias rather than by a look at the facts. Then switching directions and becoming the people they once fought against. It will not be termed a feel good film, it can be hard at times to watch, but what it provides is a thought-provoking, unflinching look at the difficulties we face sometimes. There will a call for blood if this film arsenal isn't recognized as a genuine piece of filmmaking.


Best Picture - Steven Soderbergh, Guillermo Arriage, and Edward Zwick
Best Director - Steven Soderbergh
Best Actor - Josh Brolin
Best Actress - Shareeka Epps
Best Supporting Actor - Samuel L. Jackson
Best Supporting Actor - Keir O'Donnell
Best Supporting Actress - Beverly Todd
Best Original Screenplay - Guillermo Arriaga
Best Editing


Author(s): Sergio
Location: Spain


Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Written by Alain Godard
Cinematography by Robert Elswit
Production Design by Dante Ferretti
Edited by Dylan Tichenor
Music by John Barry

Main Cast

Javier Bardem as Rodrigo
Rachel Weisz as Aurora
Jeremy Irons as Rafael Godoy
Carmen Maura as Manuela Godoy
Vincent Gallo as the shepperd
Jean Reno as Judge Reyes
Alfred Molina as Vicar Olmedo

Tagline: "We all are condemned to the eternal expiation of our sins"

Synopsis: The last days of the Spanish Inquisition in the beginning of the XVIII century have created a climate of hope to the people, but for the same reason they have to be under caution. Rodrigo has never been an ambitious man. He has always dreamed with a simple life besides his wife Aurora, waiting for the long time birth of his first baby, studying medicine and helping the town doctor in his free time. He wants to leave his actual job as the house keeper of the Godoy Family’s mansion, a job leaved as heritage by his father after his death. Rodrigo feeds and takes care of the horses too, dreaming with a life of his own since he was born there 36 years before. He feels that place as his home but it isn’t, and it never will. The relation with the, flogged by the tragedy, Godoy family has been always cordial but distant, marking the social difference between them, but after the death of his parents there is big tension between him and the family man Rafael Godoy. Rodrigo never shows his fury because he doesn’t want to lose everything. Rafael and his wife Manuela have very influent friends in the synod and they can be very dangerous if they want. Rodrigo never notices Aurora’s insinuations about Rafael and how he use to be too affectionate to her. He only asks Aurora for time to flee from this sickening city. Rafael demands more work in the house and Rodrigo hasn’t got time for anything else, not even for thinking, so that dreamed day never comes and never will.

One night, when he returns from his lessons, he finds a stream of blood in the door of the house. He knows very well what has happened and he complained for haven’t done anything before. He founds Rafael’s corpse inside but not her wife’s. She must be alive, he hopes so and he takes a forceful decision. He carries Rafael’s body and buries it in the garden but without hiding the tracks. He tries to be seen by anybody and he gets it because there is someone looking at him, hidden in the church’s belfry.

In the deep forest a lonely shepperd finds a wounded woman beside the river. She is almost dead so he decides to take her to his humble house. Days after she awakes besides a stranger but completely treated. She finally trusts that weird mute man, who feeds and takes care of her. He offers refugee and he never asks her about what happened.

Rodrigo is condemned to death for a double murder without any doubt, because of the witness of the vicar. First of all he is tortured and forced to declare his guilty to the inquirers. The judge Reyes, is not convinced because they can’t find Aurora’s body or any other incriminatory evidence but Rodrigo is declared guilty because of the pressure of the inquirers. Everything is ready the day of Rodrigo’s execution, but the sudden death of the old hangman will change everything as an unquestioned last will. The warden and the judge, as an act of kindness, make him the secret proposition of turning into the new hangman of the town, replacing both bodies in the execution.

After a while full of disturbing and indiscriminate deaths that are torturing Rodrigo’s mind, Aurora gives birth a boy some miles away from him. Little by little she starts being blackmailed by the shepperd who needs more from her. Because of the continuous denial he finally decides to denounce her to the yerm widow Manuela Godoy as an act of spite. Aurora will be condemned to death, sharing her last days and her last confidences with a mysterious, sad and afflicted man who sleeps in the next cell, the man she once loved and who is going to take her life away without knowing.

What the Press would say:

“Condemnation” is an USA-Spain-UK-France co-production, filmed in the English language with a very international cast and crew that gives to this horrifying story a very creative dimension, thanks to its multicultural team. Maybe its length could be a problem to some people but the story gets more and more dark and dense from its first half hour of footage. The initial part of the movie is a rich description of Rodrigo and Aurora’s world, the pressure of living in the wrong time where there is no place for dreamers. Each one is very strong but together they are invincible, or that is what they though. This film is a reflection about the inconformity, about the possibility of change things but also about the human fears about losing the things that we have create. The egoism, the envy and the own survival appears when the different characters don’t get what they want or they think they deserve.

Javier Bardem plays Rodrigo, a man condemned to the suffering, a penitent man who doesn’t fight at time and who loses everything he once dreamed. At first this role was thought by the writer for a younger actor but the strength that a man as Bardem could give to Rodrigo convinced him because this character have to stand so many pain and sorrow and it was interesting to see a big man as him playing this tremendous character.

Rachel Weisz plays Aurora, a very strong woman with an important protagonism in the story because she is a woman in love who fights for the dreams of her husband, who keeps silent about the disagreeable situations she has to live. But things get uncontrolled and she has to fight for herself too because the dreamed days never comes and she can’t stand more abuses. Rachel Weisz has get into the skin of a Spanish woman and she worked his accent spending long whiles in the country, though the film has been filmed in English. She had to fight for this role because there where some great Spanish actress beside it, but Jean-Jacques Annaud had no doubts about to contract a British actress to play Aurora. They have worked together before in the film “enemy at the gates” and she played a Russian woman and she was perfect in the role. Jean-Jacques Annaud is a very perfectionist director and nothing is out of his control. He has documented about the history to be loyal to the past reality and he has a great crew to get the results he have imagine in his mind from the beginning. Jeremy Irons, Vincent Gallo and Carmen Maura play three characters with the hard difficulty of being the darkest part of this story. They evolve from a nice and trustful mask to a terrible and merciless face full of greed and envy. All the set creates a good and very strong film with a great directing, an amazing cinematography, a meticulous art direction, lovely music and terrific interpretations, that condemned this film to the altars of the indispensable films.


Best Picture
Best Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Best Original Screenplay: Alain Godard
Best Leading Actor: Javier Bardem
Best Leading Actress: Rachel Weisz
Best Supporting Actor: Jeremy Irons
Best Supporting Actor: Vincent Gallo
Best Supporting Actress: Carmen Maura

The Cost of Brilliance

Author(s): Bryce
Location: CA

"The Cost of Brilliance"

Directed by: Stephen Frears
Written by: Todd Field and Alan Ball
Produced by: Bruce Cohen, and Brian Grazer

Main Cast

Kevin Spacey as Chris Kane
Channing Tatum as Kyle Morton
Paul Giamatti as Robert Tick
Olivia Thirlby as Bethany Collins

Tagline: "Everyone has skeletons in their closets, the question is: How do you get rid of them?"

Synopsis: Professor Chris Kane is known around the world as one of the best Professors to be committed to helping others and making life better. He has done outstanding work in the research of genetics, and has made many breakthroughs in the effort to finding a cure for cancer. But, what many may not know about this noble prize winner, is that the only thing bigger than his IQ score, are the skeletons in his closet. Aside from being a drug-addict, bipolar, and short-tempered, the biggest skeleton in Professor Kane's closet is the fact that he constantly has sex with many hookers, and is known to be a womanizer, a huge pervert, and a sex offender.

Robert Tick, the dean of the university that Professor Kane works at, can not afford to lose his most precious professor. Kane has gain the school many scholarships, donations, sponsors, and prestige. But, at the same time he can't let Professor Kane's habit get exposed by the media, it would utterly destroy the school. Luckily for Robert, there is always a Kyle Morton at every school. A student who barely got accepted into the school, has been making horrible grades, and has no more money to pay for school. Robert makes a deal with Kyle. If Kyle makes sure to keep Professor Kane in check, and makes sure to hide any skeletons that may leak out, Kyle will be given high grades and enough money for tuition.

Kyle eagerly accepts the deal, and over the coarse of the semester is in charge of making sure Kane's drugs disappear, his temper controlled, and his whore addiction kept tightly under wraps. As long as he does his job, Kyle's life couldn't be better. He even falls in love with his clumsy classmate Bethany Collins. But that's were the real problem starts. Bethany begins getting sexually harassed by Professor Kane. Professor Kane's sexual attraction to Bethany grows, and grows, until Kane can't help himself anymore. As Professor Kane attempts to rape Bethany, he accidently kills her. Kyle finds out later what happens, because he ends up being the one to cleanup the mess.

Now Kyle is faced with a personal, and moral dilemma. He could continue to be the "cleaner" for the university, and get a complete free ride in college. To add to that, Robert has promised to give him a "bonus" in the millions if he continues his work until he graduates. However, What Kyle's heart tells him to do is to get revenge himself, and kill Professor Kane. But, Kyle could also get revenge in other ways, like telling the world about Kane's dark secret. The only question remaining is what will Kyle do?

What the Press would say:

It seems that every year, there comes a film that not only entertains the audience, but raises a lot of questions in our head about society as well. A film that challenges society itself, and makes audiences feel they need to do something about our culture. That film this year is "The Cost of Brilliance". The film itself dives into many questions, but the one that I found most interesting is the simple question of "why must we hide ourselves?". Why must we try and create this illusional persona that may or may not even have traces of who we really are.The movie never really gives a definite answer, but that is what separates this movie from others of it's kind. Think of the movie's motives and themes like a multiple choice test, with questions that can have more than one answer. I found this part of the movie very enlightening, and intriguing.

The characters in the film are some of the most unique characters I've seen in a film in a while. The best part is that the actors are able to successfully do each character justice. Kevin Spacey plays Professor Chris Kane, a man that is too hard to be described with just one word. He's a genius, jerk, pervert, innovator, and overall a train-wreck. A character full of philosophy and riddles that he himself can not answer. Channing Tatum, who hasn't had much good roles, does a superb job at playing what seems to be the most recognizable character in the film. As Kyle Morton, Channing portrays a character full of desperation, but lacking any real common sense. It is because of this attribute that makes the character's eventual choice more tense, and more serious.

Stephen Frears has done an amazing job bringing this film to life, and delivering an effective film with an intriguing motive, fascinating characters, and entertaining plot. Its one of the years top movies, and one the academy will not ignore.

Best Picture
Best Director- Stephen Frears
Best Actor- Kevin Spacey
Best Actor- Channing Tatum
Best Supporting Actor- Paul Giamatti
Best Original Screenplay- Todd Field and Alan Ball
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Author(s): Evan
Location: NY

"The Curious Incident Of the Dog In The Night-Time"

Distributor: Paramount Vantage
Directed By: Tim Burton
Written By: Anthony Manghella and Mark Haddon
Score: Danny Elfman

Main Cast

Christopher – Owen Kline
Father – Kevin Spacey
Mother – Helena Bonham Carter
Siobhan – Tilda Swinton
Mrs. Shears – Fiona Shaw

Tagline: "It’s easier to tell the emotions of a dog than a human. Dogs only have four emotions"

Synopsis: My name is Christopher John Francis Boone. I know all the countries in the world and their capital cities. I know every prime number up to 7,057, and I like the color red. But I hate the colors brown and yellow. Eight years ago, when I met Siobhan, my guidance counselor, she showed me a picture of a sad face. And I knew it obviously meant “sad” Which is what I felt when I found Wellington. Than she showed me a picture of a smiley face, and I knew that meant “happy,” like when I’m reading about the Apollo space missions. Than she drew some other pictures, but I was not able to say what these expressions were or meant. I got Siobhan to draw lots of these faces and than write next to them what they meant. I kept the piece of paper with me all the time, and used it when I did not understand what someone was saying. But it was very difficult to describe which of the pictures was most like the face someone were making because people’s faces change very fast. When I told Siobhan what I was doing, she said: “it probably makes people feel very uncomfortable” She laughed, so I tore the piece of paper up and threw it away, and Siobhan said she was sorry for laughing. Now if I don’t know what someone is saying, I ask him or her what he or she mean. Or I walk away. Whichever. I don’t like to talk to strangers. They are not familiar to me. My neighbors do drugs and play music really, really loud. They also always smell like poo. When I found the dog there was a fork sticking out of him, and the three holes were leaking blood. I pulled the fork out and lifted him into my arms and held him. His nose was still warm. He belonged to Mrs. Shears and his name was Wellington. After mother died she had helped Father and I to eat and clean the house. She was a good friend to us. I looked at the dog. It’s easy to tell a dogs emotions because they only have four, unlike humans. They are happy, sad, cross, and concentrating. Also, dogs are faithful and do not tell lies because they cannot talk. Siobhan told me I should write a book. This will not be a funny book because I cannot tell jokes because I do not understand them. I was looking for a clue as too who killed Wellington, when I found letters from my mother. I was told that she was dead so this made me angry. I asked father and he tried to tell me what happened but I could not understand him. I decided to go and find Mother. Maybe she could tell me what happened.

What the Press would say:


And “flawlessly imagined”, Director Tim Burton has done it again. Mr. Burton crafts this film into a pastel colored picture, more reminiscent of “Edward Scissorhands” than anything else. Adapting Mark Haddon’s 2003 book into one of the best films of the year, “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time” tells the story of a 15-year-old autistic boy, who sets out to find his mother after figuring out his father had lied about her death. We find out that his mother had left because it was too hard for her, raising an autistic child. His father didn’t want to tell him that, so him, and everyone else, had lied to Chris. Owen Kline (The Squid and the Whale), who plays Chris, gives the best performance in this movie. The performance is heartbreaking, as the child deals with much more than he is capable of dealing with, and Mr. Kline captures his innocence and realization through the serious of events in this film.

Tilda Swinton is also perfectly cast as Christopher’s guidance counselor. In her brief scenes she gives a caring, motherly, yet assertive portrayal of the only trustworthy adult in Chris’ life. The main focus of the film is on Christopher’s Mother, and his journey to find her. Helena Bonham Carter gives the performance of her career, as a woman who not only doesn’t understand her son, but who also doesn’t love him, or at least, in the kind of way that Christopher, and most of us, know love. Kevin Spacey plays Christophers father, and his performance as the man who was forced to lie to his child is both subtle and heartbreaking.

This movie captures the real meaning of family, and family relations through the eyes of an autistic boy, who isn’t able to register what people are saying, thinking, or meaning. Because Chris is unable to read peoples emotions, he is unable to figure out how he is feeling beyond happy, sad, angry, and concentrated, the feelings he sees in Wellington. “The Curious Incident Of the Dog In The Night-Time” is a hugely imaginative movie, which not only captures the heart, but also strengthens the mind to people who are different.

Best Picture
Best Director – Tim Burton
Best Actor – Owen Kline
Best Supporting Actress – Tilda Swinton
Best Supporting Actress – Helena Bonham Carter
Best Supporting Actress – Fiona Shaw
Best Supporting Actor - Kevin Spacey
Best Cinematography
Best Score
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Online Awards Campaign
Best Tagline

Death Inside Her

Author(s): James Somerton
Location: Canada

"Death Inside Her"

Directed by David Lynch
Written by David Lynch

Main Cast

Naomi Watts as Kendra Childe
Nicholas Cage as Tommy Childe
Laura Dern as Helen Blackford
Ed Harris as Detective Larry Milk / The Demon
Isabella Rossellini as The Bar Maid

Tagline: "N/A"

Synopsis: Kendra Childe is peacefully reading a book when her husband comes home. He's in a rage and she's scared. He threatens her. He's going to kill her this time. She knows it. He grabs her. He throws her on the ground. A punch. She hears cartilage break. She tries to run. Only gets to the kitchen. Grabs the gun out of the closet. He's running at her now. She fires.

In the past Kendra and her husband, Tommy, had not been getting along well. Tommy had become abusive once his dreams of stardom had been crushed, and Kendra had always been too timid to do anything about it. Even when her best friend, Helen, urged her to call the police. When she got pregnant she thought that he would change. He wouldn't beat her up anymore. Not if she was pregnant with his child. But anger sometimes trumps reason.

Kendra is in hiding now. In a motel just outside the middle of nowhere. Helen has informed her that cops are looking for her. They've found Tommy's body and she's the main suspect. She can't handle the stress. She looks toward a nameless bar maid for help. The woman gives her special pills to make the pain go away. When she takes them she is a different person. Her world is perfect. Horrifyingly perfect. Except for one smudge. A demon that follows her, casting shadows over the perfection. The only way to stop it is to go back to reality, but she can't do that. Reality is worse.

Detective Larry Milk is on the look out for Kendra Childe. She left her husband with half his face missing and now no one can find her. They've searched all her friends houses. They've monitored both hers and Tommy Childe's credit cards. No charges. She's a slick one. But he'll find her. Crazy bitches like these need to go down. Hard.

Kendra cant hide from that Demon. His shadow is everywhere! And her world is starting to bleed. It's bleeding reality. The demons getting faster and she cant outrun it anymore. Finally it catches her. It wants to take her away. But she can't go. She has to escape. Somehow.

Detective Larry Milk has her now. He tracked her down to a dive of a motel. She's in the prostitute suite. Figures. He's about to send the boys in after her. But then she comes out screaming at him. To him, he only has one option. He fires.

Kendra Childe stands over her dead husband's body. She drops the gun to the ground and stares at him, at the blood covering the floor. At what was once his face. Its over. She's safe now. She can leave. And so she does.

What the Press would say:

"Death Inside Her", David Lynch's latest twisted masterpiece, is like a disjointed dream. It tells the parallel stories of a woman trapped in her own denial and hallucinations, and the man hunting her down for the murder of her husband. Naomi Watts plays Kendra Childe, a woman finally driven to murder by her abusive husband. When she feels her unborn child is in danger she doesn't risk it's death. After the murder she goes into a mental tailspin that leads to her popping pills that create a new world for her. A world of vividly bright colors and characters that always wear smiles never have a care in the world. A sickeningly sweet world that is slowly morphing into reality as Kendra's tolerance for the pills builds up. Watts' performance is spellbinding as she draws into her world with her absolute believability. She becomes this woman so trapped in reality that hallucination is the only way out. But even that becomes difficult when a demonic shadow enters her world and begins hunting her. Like a wolf, it never stops. No matter where she goes, it gets closer all the time. In reality this demon is Detective Larry Milk, played by Ed Harris in a very stern, yet sometimes comic, roll that just oozes film noir. Larry Milk becomes obsessed with Kendra Childe when she becomes the first person he hasn't been able to apprehend right away. His obsession soon turns to anger and he has no problem pulling the trigger on the crazed, unarmed woman. Milk's dry one liners sometimes put the audience off their guard, making his fits of frustration all the more powerful. He's not against making bad jokes about necrophilia and periods, a trait that slowly reveals alot about his character. Although Kendra has slipped into madness, it isn't too hard to imagine Milk not being all that far off himself. The only completely sane character in the film is Laura Dern's Helen Blackford. She remains levelheaded throughout the film, even as she is drilled for answers by Milk. She's the audience's real support as she tries to grasp Kendra's frantic phone calls about her dreams. Her failed attempts at trying to get Kendra to make any sense at all gives the audience an anchor they would otherwise be missing. This film is David Lynch's interpretation of the worst possible breakup. He invites us into a dark world where murder is justified and justice is warped by one man's obsession. Lynch is all over this film, from the small towns to the coffee shops and finally to the dreams. At all times, he leaves the film slightly off balance. Maybe a few too many degrees to the left. It's not odd enough for us to lose interest, but just enough so that we're completely drawn in. Its a delicate balance that he skillfully manages here. He uses gunshots almost as bookends in the film. One brings us away from the murder of Kendra's husband (an event we never actually see), and the other brings us away from the murder of Kendra herself, back to the aftermath of the murder that started everything in motion. "Death Inside Her" will draw you in and shake you up. It is David Lynch at his finest. Here is an artist giving you access to his mind. If you dare to enter you won't be disappointed.


Best Picture
Best Director - David Lynch
Best Actress - Naomi Watts
Best Actor - Ed Harris
Best Original Screenplay