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I Want to Have Your Babies

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"I Want to Have Your Babies"

Directed by Mario Van Peebles
Written by John Sayles
Music by Thomas Newman

Main Cast

Charlize Theron (KatieAnn Morgan)
Brendan Fraser (David Klein)
Hilary Swank (Michelle Delvin)
Patrick Dempsey (Patrick Delvin)
John Sayles (W.D. Hughes)
Sandra Oh (Dr. Patricia Yu)

Tagline: "The Baby of Their Dreams is in Another Woman’s Womb"

Synopsis: KatieAnn Morgan (Charlize Theorn) is a surrogate for a living. Never having a child of her “own” per say; KatieAnn gives childless couples “their” baby.

Living in a pricy New York City apartment, KatieAnn got into the profession, learning of the posh lifestyle. Not only a high-charge of a $50,000 per child (twins are double), the perks from the anxious rich mothers, not wanting to damage their own plastic surgery sculpted bodies, are the icing on the cake.

Michelle (Hilary Swank) and Patrick (Patrick Dempsey) Delvin, are KatieAnn’s new customers, this being her sixth pregnancy. Unlike the others, Michelle is only using KatieAnn because she is physically unable to have a child.

Reaching on a special level, KatieAnn enjoys being in Michelle’s down-to-earth company. However, late in the night during the sixth month of the pregnancy; KatieAnn learns that Michelle and Patrick were killed in a car accident.

Too late for abortion, KatieAnn is desperate for options. Her shy live-in boyfriend for five-years, David Klein (Brendan Fraser) seems indifferent and is shocked to find out KatieAnn’s decision is to keep the unborn child. Not being his own, he feels as if he doesn’t have a say in the matter. Strangely turned on by her pregnancies, David is in love with KatieAnn, the breadwinner. But to do his fair share he is a manager at a supermarket. Unknown to KatieAnn, he grows restless as his mind is being flooded with images of her suffering a miscarriage in sometimes horrific ways.

KatieAnn is unsure if she can love a child that really isn’t supposed to be hers. As her gynecologist, Patricia Yu (Sandra Oh), helps guide KatieAnn through this difficult situation, W.D. Hughes (John Sayles) guides David. W.D. Hughes is the district manager of David’s supermarket and is prepared to promote David. Also as David’s confidant, David is stunned when W.D. offers him the proposition of hiring a friend that can give KatieAnn an “accidental” miscarriage. Shocked, at the whole scenario, David seems unable to stop thinking about the situation and the more he runs the talk through his mind, the more he seems prone to taking W.D. up on his offer.

Now, as KatieAnn is well into her final trimester, both her and David have made their own difficult choices, each hoping, they are the right ones.

What the Press would say:

“Two thumbs ALL THE WAY up!”-Ebert & Roeper

“An Outstanding film that is NEEDED to be seen by all!”- People

“A+! Peebles breaks out in a career-igniting effort while the Actors solidify their talent!”-Entertainment Weekly

“John Sayles’ real dialogue never lightens in a gritty, truthful, saddening, and tear-jerking film that defies criteria for “conventional” cinema!”-Rolling Stone Magazine

‘I Want to Have Your Babies’ is one of the few films that can be called an original classic. The unique concept and efforts from the cast and crew drive this film to an extraordinary point.

Director of the Golden Globe winning series ‘Damages’, Mario Van Peebles, transfers his talents from the small screen to the big one. Using long serene shots as well as hand-held gritty ones propel the story’s emotions; Peebles certainly knows what he is doing.

John Sayles has a knack at realistic dialogue and in his most challenging film yet, he proves his talent yet again. Sayles and Peebles are not afraid to cross the line and defy what is considered “conventional”, but go in for the full effect, something that you rarely see today in Hollywood. The script is light in the start, but turns darker and darker after the death of Michelle and Patrick.

Patrick Dempsey has a small part of a high-power CEO and Hilary Swank plays his down to earth wife. Swank has more screen time and has a sweet monologue with KatieAnn about her woes of not being able to have a child and KatieAnn giving one to her.

Sandra Oh has a supporting role of KatieAnn’s gynecologist, playing it as a nurturing mother-like character that helps guide KatieAnn through a difficult journey, and KatieAnn helps her on one of her own. John Sayles returns to acting, as well as writing the script, as a guiding figure to David, but without a sense of morals.

Brendan Fraser makes one of his few outings in drama and after this; many wonder why he hasn’t made more. Fraser is perfect as the odd and sometimes geeky David who is one of the most complex characters in cinematic history.

However, the REAL star is Charlize Theorn. Donning a pregnancy suit, this could be one of the first times where Charlize doesn’t get hideously ugly for a dramatic role. Theorn seems instinctive as KatieAnn, trying to make the right decisions, though at times they may seem like the wrong ones.

“I Want to Have Your Babies” is a story of morals, life’s decisions and choices, as well as growing up and maturing into adulthood while other forces try to stop you from doing it. “Babies” is the film to see and should be “due” out in a theater near you soon.

Best Picture
Best Director: Mario Van Peebles
Best Screenplay: John Sayles
Best Original Score: Thomas Newman
Best Actor: Brendan Fraser
Best Actress: Charlize Theron
Best Supporting Actor: John Sayles
Best Supporting Actress: Hilary Swank, Sandra Oh

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