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Broken Triangles

Author(s): AJ
Location: TN

"Broken Triangles"

Written and Directed by Wes Anderson

Main Cast

Gabrielle Ferguson…….Michael Cera
Jeremiah Stark…….Jamie Bell
Stacy Carlyle……...Emma Stone
Patrick……..Thomas Haden Church
Narrator……….Jason Schwartzman

Tagline: "This is Gabrielle Ferguson. He is an intelligent young man, eager to find his place in the world. And in 9 days, he will be dead"

Synopsis: This is the story, of a man named Gabrielle Ferguson. He is 18 years old, had a 4.0 grade point average, and is a self-proclaimed author whose most accomplished work was in the 4th grade with a short story about the Nativity as told from the view point of a llama. And in 9 days, he will be dead.

In his life there are three things. Literature, tobacco, and his best friend, Jeremiah Stark. Jeremiah is a marijuana selling high school drop out whose most acclaimed effort in life has been his one employee of the month photograph from November at the Wendy's on 1st avenue. While sitting in his room one day, typing away about Australian bounty hunters, his mother informs him that his old babysitter, Stacy Carlyle, has come home from college. She encourages him to go over and talk to her, so he does. He never really liked her that much, since she was always blaming him for everything she did. When he actually saw her for the first time in 8 years, he is stunned by her beauty. The way she presents herself with such confidence. That same confidence could be misunderstood as "bitchy-ness" but he wouldn't want to think of her like that. He immediately becomes infatuated with her. His fantasies often carrying him into most afternoons. But she has already found a man. A mister, Jeremiah Stark. There relationship was working perfectly, and sure, Gabrielle may have gotten a bit suspicious a few times, but they mainly kept it a secret. Jeremiah never asked why they had to be secretive, but he respected her wishes. Little did he know that it was because of a certain, stalker ex-boyfriend that they had to be in the shadows. Gabrielle soon discovers their relationship while lurking behind them one night at a parking garage. Outraged he leaves, but he is soon mugged in an alley. Jeremiah leaves the garage to aid one of his friends in a drug deal with a Brit named the Boogie Man. And as soon as Jeremiah leaves, Stacy's ex-boyfriend Patrick shows up to meet Stacy in the parking garage. But his presence is unwanted. Unable to take abuse any longer, Gabrielle takes out a pocketknife and stabs the mugger in the throat. Jeremiah's drug deal flies off the handle when the Boogie Man's pistol falls out of his robe and went off, causing a chain reaction of events that left Jeremiah covered in blood, running for his life. And Stacy tries to make a run for it, but Patrick is too quick. He slams her face into the car door window. With the window broken she is able to access the glove compartment. Inside is a pistol, with which she shoots Patrick in the clavicle (which is a collar bone). Once each of them reaches home, the go into the bathroom and look at their blood splattered faces. Within that moment, each of them is inside of their mind, hopelessly and utterly, alone.

The next day, Gabrielle watched intently out his window, as nothing could entertain him on the television. He saw Stacy next door, arguing with a man. The man pulled out a gun, and Gabrielle lost it. He ran to the tool shed and searched for something dangerous. Jeremiah would get what was coming to him for pulling a gun on Stacy. He found a shovel and ran outside. He noticed that they had moved from her backyard to the woods behind their houses. He ran out and charged at jeremiah. But it was too late when he saw that it was not Jeremiah, but Patrick. Patrick's reflexes were too fast for their own good. A bullet soon ripped through Gabrielle's heart. He was dead.

On a deserted highway outside of town, Jeremiah walks alone, fleeing the troubles that came with that horrible drug deal. He sees headlights in the distance so he sticks out his thumb for a ride. To his surprise the car slows down. He gets in and begins to warm his hands at the radiator. On the dashboard he notices something odd. A photograph of himself that he gave Stacy. he does not recognize the man behind the wheel. "Hey there Jeremiah. You better buckle up. My name is Patrick, and i'll be your tour guide for this wild and crazy night." The doors lock and the car drives off into the night.

What the Press would say:

The new dark comedy from Wes Anderson could be his most mature effort yet. Steering clear of his normal, dysfunctional family shtick, he has us all leaving the theaters pondering all of the philosophy in his latest masterpiece, Broken Triangles. The performances in it are magnificent. Michael Cera is brilliant as wannabe author Gabrielle. His normal sweet innocent boy charm works well here, added with Wes Anderson's depressive outlook on the world. Best Actor is a surefire possibility for young Cera. Emma Stone delivers a knockout as the chain smoking, cursing, and drug using ex-babysitter. Jamie Bell has a great Supporting Actor shot as the loser in love best friend, whose subtle stoner is hidden by a sex crazed trash talker. Thomas Haden Church shines in his pivotal scene at the climax, but such little screen time doesn't help his Oscar chances. With Broken Triangles, Anderson may have the oscar chances that have been denied him in the past. His style is not usual fair for the awards recognition, but this goes outside his normal cliches(i.e. death by irony sort of thing). he adds a new dramatic element along with bravely executed segments of anguish. Although Wes Anderson's direction and writing have mainly been ignored in the past, with Broken Triangles, Anderson plays Michelangelo in the painting of the Sistine Chapel.

Awards possibilities

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor – Michael Cera
Best Supporting Actor – Jamie Bell
Best Supporting Actor – Thomas Haden Church
Best Supporting Actress – Emma Stone
Best Original Screenplay

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