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Author(s): Tony
Location: Pittsburgh


Directed by Gus Van Sant
Written by Larry Clark

Main Cast

Tim Blake Nelson as Patrick Camps
Owen Kline as Edward Hall
John Robinson as Toby
Ashley Benson as Pam
Sandra Bullock as Marisa Camps
Miranda Cosgrove as Stacy Ferguson
Rob Morrow as Ken Hall
Vera Farmiga as Michelle Hall
Philip Baker Hall as Sam Kessler
Robert Forster as Dr. George Hanssen
Jasmine Jessica Anthony as Christine Camps

Tagline: "Ones legacy is fulfilled, the others is about to begin"

Synopsis: Patrick Camps is a loving family man, husband of Marisa, and father of Christine, both of which trust and love him dearly as well. A wealthy man Patrick was, a math teacher at a private school for kids with higher intellect. Camps was looked at as a rolemodel for most, but there's more to Patrick Camps then meets the eye.

Camps is secretly a long time sexual predator. For over decades now he's sexually harassed over 20 prostitutes while maintaining to keep a low profile. A disease that he could never rid of, tormented by living in an orphanage most of his childhood with no guidance, no help. Now, Camps is moving into the final stages of his condition, teenagers. Several girls around the school have noticed that Camps is showing quite a bit of affection towards them, odd hand movements, glaring eyes. It would be apparent when Camps was assigned to home tutor young Stacy with her math. After weeks of tutoring and knowing the family, Patrick was always welcomed at the Ferguson residence, until his real mission would be complete. Weeks go by and several students have reported strange behavior to Principal Kessler about Mr. Camps. Stacy missed days of school. He's losing family trust, student trust, everything is falling apart. With his job and livelihood on the line, the people of the town convinced themselves that the caring and compassionate Patrick Camps that they once knew would never result to that. The last shot of Camps in his bed with his wife as he holds her in his arms. Comfortable is Marisa, knowing in her mind the false and dark times have past, and everything was resolved.

Just 300 miles away lived Edward Hall, quiet boy with a heart on fire. Recently Edward has been experiencing strange urges, a chronic masturbator, takes pleasure in hurting small animals, and more random acts of violence. Ken and Michelle Hall are highly concerned for their only son. He attends his appointments with Dr. George Hanssen twice a week, but his condition would only worsen. His fetish with his next door neighbor Pam increases day after day, spying on her through the windows, glares at school. Pams highly unstable brother Toby takes notice. Edward cries for help, he realizes his obsessions have taken over him. The words freak and retard have never hurt worse. With the love and support from his parents they intend to give him the best treatment possible. Days go by, and everything is going great, until Toby takes actions in his own hands, and captures Edward after school, bringing Ed in his backyard. After begging for his life, Edward receives several beatings from a steel baseball bat to the stomach area. Edward would later die of internal bleeding.

What the Press would say:

"Predators", the new film from Gus Van Sant is a mesmorizing, haunting cinematic gem. An unsettling, strange, and beautiful film with the Van Sant symbolism included. A story of what could be a typical day in the household of others, the phrase "that could be anyone", comes into mind many times while sitting down and watching this film. The duo of director Van Sant (Elephant, Good Will Hunting), and writer Larry Clark (Kids) is as powerful as it gets. The combined masterminds of human behavior, reality situations, gives us the frightening truth of the country we live in. The script is remarkable, and dare I say "unfortunate", the films morale is ultimately low, it's very dark, depressing, and has a creepy vibe to it. The film focuses mainly on 2 characters, Patrick and Edward. Tim Blake Nelson has hit home with this naturally disturbing role of a family man with the slicked back hair, glasses, and tie with an evilness that is screaming to be let out. You can see the eagerness in his eyes when the youngens are in his presense, a performance that will never be forgotten. Next to him is son of Kevin Kline, Owen Kline. Owen is developing into a fine young actor and this role will only solidify his place as the top of the food chain with "child actors". Young Owen has the second half of the film on his shoulders, he's the lead role, and it's a big responsibility to take, but he does it to perfection. His cries are real, the pain looks real, the performance is real. The end scene where Edward is pleading, only to get brutally battered (an ending that will be remembered) is Klines road to glory and should land him an Oscar nod. Supporting stars are gold as Sandra Bullock plays surreal house wife with a love for her husband that's so strong, you want her to know the truth because she's so inspiring as a mother, but she never does. Miranda Cosgrove pulls off the realistic performance of a happy school girl turned troubled and mentally paralyzed victim of a sexual assault. Though we never see what goes on, it's evident from Cosgroves role that it wasn't the normal home tutoring.

Take a deep breath before you watch Predators, although the film is slow paced, your heart is racing, it's a vision-altering experience that pushes the boundaries of the medium and takes us to a place, emotionally, that we have never been before.


Best Picture
Best Director - Gus Van Sant
Best Leading Actor - Tim Blake Nelson
Best Leading Actor - Owen Cline
Best Supporting Actress - Sandra Bullock
Best Supporting Actress - Miranda Cosgrove
Best Original Screenplay - Larry Clark
Best Film Editing

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