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Author(s): Chris Moffitt
Location: NC


Directed by Todd Field
Written by Todd Field and Robert Festinger
Produced by Todd Field, Ross Katz, and Graham Leader
Music by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Based on the play, Medea by Euripides

Main Cast

Medea Argo- Marcia Gay Harden
Jason Argo- Josh Brolin
Andrew Creon- Paul Newman
Grace Creon- Scarlett Johansson
Micheal Aegus- Donald Sutherland
Sullivan Sweeten- Mason Argo
Sawyer Sweeten- Phillip Argo

Tagline: "His punishment skipped a generation"

Synopsis: She was married to a young and charismatic senator. She had two young and healthy sons. Her husband Jason has been earning the support of others who want him to run for president. Medea Argo’s life seemed to be going perfect.

However everything fell apart for her in an instance. After joining a group of fellow senators at a hunting lodge, Jason Argo learns that his fellow senators have plans for his future. Current Vice President of the United States, Andrew Creon, tells Jason that he would support Jason’s candidacy for president of the United States if Jason left his wife Medea for Grace Creon, his daughter. After meeting Grace, she and Jason begin to have a torrid affair. Soon after receiving the Republican presidential nomination, Jason reveals to his wife that he was having an affair and that he wants a divorce so that he could marry Grace.

Medea is heartbroken and does not know what to do. She tells her mentor Micheal Aegus, another senator and a friend of her late father, of Jason’s desire to leave her. Micheal tells her that he will respect her no matter what she decides to do and will her help her in any way needed. She says that she plans to do something drastic in order to punish Jason.

After much debate, Medea hires a hitman in order to kill Grace Creon. At the same time, Medea makes the decision to kill her two sons, Phillip and Mason in order to force Jason to live his life without an heir. Although she has second thoughts about killing her children, Medea eventually goes through with it, shooting them as they slept. She is then confronted by Jason as he comes home to see his children dead. She tells him that this is the ultimate punishment and that it hurt her as much as it hurt him. Medea then leaves presumably to escape but her fate is unknown. The final scene shows a heartbroken Medea leaving in tears as the doors shut on Jason Argo leaning over his two dead sons.

What the Press would say:

“Two thumbs way, way up!”- Ebert and Ropert

“A+! A classic tragedy that has been turned into a beautiful, modern drama.”- Entertainment Weekly

“Marcia Gay Harden and Josh Brolin deliver oscar caliber performances!”- Rolling Stone

Todd Fields has once again created a heartbreaking drama about violence, anger and the break up of a family. The story straight out of Greek tragedy transitions beautifully to a modern day tale thanks in part to the brilliant performance by Marcia Gay Harden. She embodies the devastation, remorse, hate and anger that Medea Argo has in such a realistic fashion that you almost forget that it is fictional character. Josh Brolin also delivers a lead performance in this film that rivals Marcia Gay Harden’s by showing a combination of charm and creepy that is rarely seen in films. Other supporting performances such as Scarlett Johansson’s temptress, Donald Sutherland’s kind mentor, and Paul Newman’s classically venomous villain all help to turn the Greek tragedy into a modern age masterpiece.

Best Picture
Best Director- Todd Fields
Best Adapted Screenplay- Todd Fields and Robert Festinger
Best Actress- Marcia Gay Harden
Best Actor- Josh Brolin
Best Supporting Actor- Donald Sutherland
Best Supporting Actor- Paul Newman
Best Supporting Actress- Scarlett Johansson
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score- Jan A.P. Kaczmerek

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