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Golden Rings

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"Golden Rings"

Directed by: Frank Darabont
Written by: Michael Mann
Music by: Thomas Newman

Main Cast

Chris Evans as Derrick Houston
Hugh Jackman as Tony Saunders
Evangeline Lily as Michelle Boland
Oscar De la Hoya as Oscar De la Hoya
Floyd Mayweather Jr. as Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Tagline: "The rush to the ring starts now"

Synopsis: After serving in prison for six years, Derrick Houston vowed to get his life back by becoming a boxer. In order to make quick money, he worked as a male prostitute and stripper. He then hired the cheapest trainer he could find, a former boxer named Tony Saunders who ruined his shot at fame due to alcohol. After three years of intense training, Derrick began to box in local fights. His determination and strength allowed him to crush his competition and advance him to more prestigious matches. After two years of countless victories, Derrick urged Tony to enter him in bigger competitions in order to get more exposure. Tony told him that he can't rush into things because great things take time. Derrick, however, didn't want to hear that and in rage told Tony that he quit. Derrick's focus then switched from boxing to drinking. When Tony found out what was happening to Derrick, he scolded him and told him that he won't let him end up like he did. He told him that if he doesn't stop drinking now, he will ruin his career and will regret it for the rest of his life. Derrick therefore worked hard to get his life back together and started up his training with Tony again. After another year of intensive training and triumphs in state competitions, Derrick entered into national competitions, where he faced off against professional boxers. For the next few years, he fought and beat out some of the best boxers in the country. He became a national star and was soon eligible for the boxing world championships. However, he turned it down in order to marry and start a family with his girlfriend Michelle instead. When later asked in an interview why he did not take advantage of his opportunity, he responded that great things take time and that he didn't want to rush into anything, implying that he would one day return to the ring.

What the Press would say:

Frank Darabont once again triumphs with his latest film, "Golden Rings." He takes us into the world of boxing like never before and beautifully tells a story about hope, defeat, and success. The story revolves around the life of Derrick Houston and his aspirations of becoming a boxing champion. He recruits the help of former boxer Tony Saunders and trains to be the best. Even though Houston works hard and fights well, he doesn't understand that he needs enough experience before going against the biggest names in boxing. Saunders tries his best to keep Houston focused and patient but it is a constant struggle. Through his ups and downs, Houston eventually makes his way to bigger fights and challenges the country's best fighters. However, his successes eventually lead him to realize what means the most to him in life.

Chris Evans is a knockout in the title role and is destined to become a bigger star from this performance. He brings the right amount of aggressiveness and determination to his role and truly transforms into Derrick Houston. He even gained over 20 pounds of muscle to play the role, proving his dedication. The other standout performance comes from the incredible Hugh Jackman. Jackman plays the caring trainer who turns Houston not only into a better boxer, but into a better person as well. He flawlessly captures his character's strengths and weaknesses and balances them out brilliantly. Evangeline Lily is excellent with her limited screen time, and boxers Oscar De la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. turn in great cameos.

With the combination of moving plot, great actors, and a thrilling sport, "Golden Rings" is sure to be one of the best films of the year.


Best Picture
Best Director: Frank Darabont
Best Actor: Chris Evans
Best Supporting Actor: Hugh Jackman
Best Supporting Actress: Evangeline Lily
Best Original Screenplay: Michael Mann
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction
Best Original Song
Best Original Score

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