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Alaskan Calling

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"Alaskan Calling"

Directed by: Anthony Minghella
Written by: Anthony Minghella

Main Cast

Jeff Daniels – Timothy Treadwell
Hope Davis – Amie Huguenard

Tagline: "In October of 2003, a man was murdered by those he loved more than life itself"

Synopsis: The beauty of Alaska is a mysterious fish. One that can only be brought in with much patience and risk of failure. The wild terrain can entrance you, but at the same time, consume you. A man who was affected by both was named Timothy Treadwell. The Grizzlies were his children. They were his family, they were his spirit. And they ultimately destroyed him.

A plane arrives in a large bay on the coast of the Alaskan terrain. Out of the passenger side door jumps a man, his name is Timothy Treadwell. He is accompanied by Amie Huguenard. After their supplies were left on the beach, the plane leaves. Timothy and Amie are now isolated with each other, the wilderness, and the grizzlies to keep them company. Over the next summer Timothy and Amie will film the bears in their natural habitat, and bond with dark beauties of danger. Everyday the fear of attack eats at Amie, while Timothy becomes increasingly distant from her. His love is devoted more to the bears than to her. She threatens to leave for good, but her threats are pointless, as she knows that could never leave Timothy.

The foxes were Timothy’s closest thing to having children. He watched over them, he protected them, he loved them. But when he found the corpse of one in the field one day, he was devastated. How could something so innocent be treated like this? It’s mangled body was hanging over him like an angel of death. He finally got a taste what vicious creatures the grizzlies could be.

On October 6th, he and Amie headed out to film. They noticed recently that all of their familiar bears had gone into hibernation. New bears moved in, and they were more aggressive than the ones from before. On an open plain, they met up with a large Grizzly. Timothy approached it, but he was unprepared, and the bear attacked him. Amie ran at the bear with a frying pan, but her efforts were futile. Timothy and his lover were the victims of slaughter, slaughter by the bears Timothy devoted his life to, and in the end, this was how he was repaid.

What the Press would say:

Alaskan Calling is a great picture about a man who is betrayed by those he holds dear. Jeff Daniels captures the essence of Timothy Treadwell better than any could possibly do. His heartbreak in emotional scenes is truly tear inducing. Hope Davis scores as his ignored lover, and really shines when she feels his love for the bears overpowers his love for her, and she is correct in doing so. The writing is sharp, the scenery breathtaking, and the directing powerful. Jeff Daniels deserves Oscar acclaim for his performance, as does Hope Davis. The story was the subject of a 2004 documentary by Werner Herzog, but the story put into a storytelling style really captivates. This is the most heartbreaking, beautiful, and powerful film of the year, and it should not be missed.


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