Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Author(s): Hugo Manso
Location: Spain

"Boys Will Be Boys"

Directed by Catherine Hardwick
Written by Isabel Coixet

Main Cast

Romola Garai ... Kate
Topher Grace ... Tim
Jensen Ackles ... Lance
David Annable ... Josh

Tagline: "N/A"

Synopsis: Kate woke up suddenly. She couldn’t sleep two hours in a row. She couldn’t stop thinking about how would she tell Tim everything. They were together for six years. The next morning Kate was driving towards Tim’s house. It wasn’t easy. Words didn’t want to go out at first, but once she started, she told him everything in one go. She broke up with him.

Lance wouldn’t be who he was if it weren’t for her friends: Tim, Kate and Josh. They had always been together. Lance was single. He had had a girlfriend a couple years ago but things didn’t turn out well. He decided to not fall in love again.

Lance was working when the phone rang. It was Josh. It seemed that Kate and Tim had broken up. It wasn’t a surprise, the truth was that Lance had been noticing something strange recently. Lance and Josh decided to make a deal, Josh would spend more time with Tim and so would Lance do with Kate. This way none of them would be outcast.

Kate and Lance soon started to get on together really well. There was such a feeling between them. Things were really easy. They could talk comfortably about everything. It was great. Little by little they fell in love with each other.

Tim and Josh were friends since they were like three years old. After the break up they spent many time together. One day, when they were at Josh’s home, Kate and Lance visited. Kate and Lance were going out together. Tim didn’t make a big deal of it. He seemed fine.

Months went on and the couple decided to marry. The day had arrived, the stunning bride, the perfect church, the beautiful bridesmaids, the proud best man, the deeply moved parents, a trigger being pulled by a friend and the graceful groom dead.

What the Press would say:

The film ends when we hear the shotgun. The screen goes black, and the credits start to roll. The film itself it’s the beautiful love story between Kate and Lance. You just can’t expect the ending. The church filled of people, all happiness, and then ¡BAM! Cool water moment. Your heart will jump.

Spanish director and writer Isabel Coixet had done an amazing job with this masterpiece. The script it’s just sensational. The dialogue along with the acting will make you feel that you’re actually seen them through the window. Catherine Hardwick had done, as well, an incredible job directing this movie. Everything is tied up. She has made an estraordinary job direting the cast. The cast... the cast is one of the most effective esembles seen recently. Romola Garai stars as Kate, a confused woman who decides to put an end on her relationship and will find the love of her life where she couldn’t have imagined. Topher Grace stars as Tim, Kate’s boyfriend who will be suddenly left by his girl. Throughout the film we can see Tim dealing with the situation fine, with integrity and dignity. That’s why the end is that shocking. Jensen Ackle and David Annable complete the cast. Jensen Ackles stars as Lance the friend who will soon become something more. David Annable as Josh, everyone’s friend. Funny, smart and sweet. This four characters will drive you through one of the best film of the year.

For Your Consideration

Best Picture
Best Director – Catherine Hardwick
Best Original Screenplay – Isabel Coixet
Best Actress – Romola Garai
Best Actor – Topher Grace
Best Supporting Actor – Jensen Ackles
Best Original Song – “Boys Will Be Boys”

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