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Directed by Robert Luketic
Written by Alexander Payne
Music by John Ottman

Main Cast

Reese Witherspoon (Dr. Claire Kochoff)
Owen Wilson (Jesse “Spirit-Man” Kyle)
Thandie Newton (Regina “Wind” Taylor)
Eva Longoria Parker (Jennifer “Fly-Girl” Juarez)
Patrick Warburton (David “Clobbersarus” Firth)
Tim Roth (Robert “De Facto” Blake)

Tagline: "Even Superheroes Have Problems"

Synopsis: Dr. Claire Kochoff (Reese Witherspoon) is a psychiatrist for superheroes. In a world with crime and destruction, superheroes are the ones that are to save the rest of humanity in what is a stressful job. Claire is to relieve the superheroes so they can fight the villains that cause havoc.

Claire is the top psychiatrist facing her toughest task yet. Superhero couple Jesse “Spirit-Man” Kyle’s (Owen Wilson) power is to call spirits to give him strength like being able to soar, knowledge and super-strength, and Regina “Wind” Taylor (Thandie Newton), a woman that can change the weathers, are about to call of their wedding after catching Jesse cheating on her for Jennfier “Fly-Girl” Juarez (Eva Longoria Parker). Jennifer has the power to fly with supervision and hearing. Not to mention she throws fire, an issue with her anger problems, making the power uncontrollable.

Counseling the three in a group session, Claire just seems to be talking to a wall, with tensions escalating. Not to mention her other patient, the suicidal-depressed David “Clobbersarus” Firth. Given the power to be like a blob that can engulf buildings, he is a washed-up superhero who feels he is fat because he can not stop eating due to his massive shape.

As Claire tries to get to the root of these problems, she is kidnapped by the evil Robert “De Facto” Blake. Super-villain “De-Facto” who has the ability of telekinesis as well as the highest IQ on earth has built a machine to drain superhero powers and rule the world.

As the superheroes continue to bicker, Jesse, Regina, Jennifer and David unite to stop De Facto, save their beloved Claire and the world who loves them too as Spirit-Man, Wind, Fly-Girl, and Clobbersarus.

What the Press would say:

“Two thumbs ALL THE WAY up!”-Ebert & Roeper

“A hilarious comedic romp that seems to be the first Superhero movie without CGI in every scene, though when the chases happen; it is harrowing!”- People

“A+! Call the Superheroes! You’ll need help walking after this side-splitting, laugh-out-loud flick leaves you breathless!”-Entertainment Weekly

“A Super movie for Superheroes and regular folks everywhere!”-Rolling Stones Magazine

“SHRINK!” is the new comedy from the writer of “The Munsters with Yvonne De Carlo”, “Holy Cow!” and “Rehab!: A Contemporary Musical”. With a cast of award-winners and comedic all-stars, “SHRINK!” is the film to see.

Alexander Payne writes the hilarious script that is directed by Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, Monster-In-Law, 21). Luketic makes a stylish film that is light on the special effects, and more about character. However when the effects occur they are flawless such as the heroes flying, the weather changing, chases through skyscrapers, and things catching a fire are superb. Payne knows how to write down to earth dialogue, proven in his films like “Sideways”, “About Schmidt” and “Election” that adds a hilarious sense of awkwardness in the psychiatry scenes that make up the film. However, he also knows his way around the thrilling CGI scenes, writing “Jurassic Park III”

The title “SHRINK!” refers to main character, Dr. Claire Kochoff played by Oscar-Winner Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon is absolutely hilarious along with the rest of the class as a psychiatrist for superheroes who tries to sort through their chaotic lives, with some comedic lines of her own.

Funnyman Owen Wilson can’t help but make you smile as “Spirit-Man” in his best performance to date. With a dead-pan face saying some of the funniest line of the year takes skill and he has it.

Thandie Newton plays her first comedic character with side-splitting lines, showing comedic timing. We all know that Thandie can do drama, but now we know that she can comedy as well.

Eva Longoria Parker makes her first big transition to film that can put her into movie stardom. Parker can’t control her fire with her anger problem with amusing results. With snappy one-liners and comebacks to Regina; Parker just brightens up the screen.

Patrick Warburton stops his voice-work and shows his face on the big screen again as Clobbersarus, a blob-like character that can not stop eating due to his massiveness. Warburton cries his problems in a funny way to Claire as a has-been hero.

Tim Roth is brilliant as the Super-villain “De Facto” who is the most serious character in the film. Roth is frightening with his intense eyes and heavy breathing that sends chills down the audience’s spines.

With hilarious lines, amazing special effects, and most importantly, a good story with character development, “SHRINK!” has all the things that most movies do not. We all have problems, but it is more fun to watch Superheroes problems instead.

Best Picture
Best Director: Robert Luketic
Best Screenplay: Alexander Payne
Best Original Score: John Ottman
Best Actor: Owen Wilson
Best Supporting Actor: Patrick Warburton, Tim Roth
Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Best Supporting Actress: Thandie Newton, Eva Longoria Parker

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