Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Small World

Author(s): Connor Campbell
Location: TX

"Small World"

Written and Directed by Sofia Coppola

Main Cast

Mary Louise Parker- Vicky Parks
Mark Ruffalo- Shane
Sean Hayes- Mark Parks
Maude Apatow- Kerry Parks
Anna Faris- Pauline
Molly Shannon- Deborah

Tagline: "It’s a small world after all"

Synopsis: A family trip to Disney World takes an unexpected turn when Vicky discovers her high school sweet heart Shane is working there as Mickey Mouse. Vicky, who has been married to Mark Parks for seven years is starting to get tired of the typical American lifestyle. Being a mother isn’t quite what she expected. A steamy love affair begins between Vicky & Shane while Mark spends the day with their daughter Kerry. Mark, who wants the perfect American dream, is blind to the affair. Shane’s best friend Pauline, who works as Minny Mouse warns Shane about the dangers of getting involved with a married woman but he refuses to listen. But it takes a nosy hotel manager named Deborah to reveal the secret affair and bring Vicky’s new found happiness to a crashing halt.

What the Press would say:

Sofia Coppola’s latest film Small World is a gem. The story of a woman taking back her life, much in the way Lester Burnham did in American Beauty, by sleeping with her high school sweet heart. Coppola’s modern style is so hypnotizing that you wouldn’t dare miss a second of this brilliant film. Mary Louise Parker’s performance as Vicky Parks is as close to perfect as you can get. Perfectly capturing the boredom of her marriage and the excitement of her affair, Parker has great chances at an Oscar ® this year. Mark Ruffalo is brilliant in the film as well as Shane, an under achiever who falls un love with Vicky all over again, only to discover it’s just sex to her. Sean Hayes is stunning as Mark, the Norman Rockwell vision of a perfect husband and has great chemistry with Maude Apatow. Anna Faris, the queen of cameo’s is treated with a larger role, and I’m thankful. Molly Shannon is the breakthrough. Often seen as nothing more than Mary Katherine Gallagher, she hands in a great performance. You never catch her “acting.” Deborah is a difficult character and Shannon is pitch perfect. All in all, Small World is welcome in my theater any time.

Best Picture- Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola
Best Director- Sofia Coppola
Best Actress- Mary Louise Parker
Best Actor- Mark Ruffalo
Best Supporting Actress- Molly Shannon
Best Supporting Actor- Sean Hayes
Best Original Screenplay- Sofia Coppola

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